Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Gratitude, stillness, love and trust

Lately I have been struggling with some big emotions and I find myself at times running away from the emotions that are surfacing, often making excuses why this is not a good time to feel whatever wants to be freed from my soul. I pray constantly for the courage and willingness to face these emotions, to be truly humble, to have the courage to live a life that is free, joyful, loving and trusting. But I am still struggling with this, still struggling with trusting God at times. Then I read something or I speak with someone and I am reminded of my progress since being on this path and gratitude floods my soul. Grattitude is such a gift! It helps me to remain humble. It reminds me that I am one of God's children, the greatest of His creations and the most wonderful of His habdiworks, and I am swamped with love. I have so much to be thankful for.


Dear God,

Today I am feeling very grateful for all of Your blessings in my life. I am particularly grateful for my beautiful soulmate and his love and support of me while I am on this journey. Father, there is such a longing in my soul for Your Love and Truth and I realize that there is so much that I still have to learn about myself and about Your Truths and Your Divine Love. Help me to have the courage to live consistently in Love, Truth and Humility no mater where I am or who I am with.

I thank You for Your Love and the privilege of receiving it. I thank You for Your guidance and support yesterday when I was with some friends who are not on the Divine Love Path and for the courage to be humble and vulnerable as I shared part of my journey. But Father, I recognize that there is still a lot of fear in me that is preventing me from being truly open and humble at all times and because of this I am still very cautions about speaking Your truth. I want to change that Father and I am asking for Your help to do that. Please allow me to have the courage and the willingness to work through the errors in my soul that prevent me from surrendering to You completely. Please help me to work through the errors that prevent me from surrendering to my true soul desires and that keep me doubting Your plans for me.
Teach me to love and to trust completely that Your way IS perfect.

I thank You for Your beautiful Divine Love and the gifts that You have given to me, for the spirit guides you send to help me work through different aspects of myself. It is my desire that I will grow to know and trust fully each one of my guides just as they know and love me.

Father, thank You also for Yeshua and Mary and the others of the fourteen who have returned and for the privilege of being able to get to know some of them personally. I pray that You will continue to guide and support them on their journey of discovery of their true selves. I still feel so unworthy and yet so very grateful to be walking this path at this time with my beautiful brothers and sisters and for their generosity, love and support, particularly to those who open their homes so freely.

Thank You Father for all that You are and for all that You have done for us and for all of the gifts You have given to me. Help me to use these gifts in the best possible way so that I may be of service to others. I feel truly blessed. Thank You.



And then this came through at a time when my soul was in a bit of confusion, adding clarity to my struggles.

Be Still My Child

Be still my child and learn to feel
As the Father’s Love sets you free

Be still my child and learn to trust
God’s Love is filling your soul awash

Be still my child and learn to listen
To God’s Truth and to God’s Wisdom

Be still my child and learn to feel
As the power of God’s love
Your soul does heal.

Linda Munster

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