Friday, 1 February 2013

Gifts from God

This morning I was reflecting upon the message I posted yesterday and I thought I would share with you some of my reflections.

While reading the message again it struck me that God has given us so many gifts – BEAUTY LOVE CLARITY TREASURES REST AWARENESS FREEDOM FORGIVNESS SAFETY KINDNESS. And there are many others but these seem to be highlighted in this message.

While reflecting I wondered –
Am I willing to accept these gifts unconditionally?
Am I willing to work to remove the barriers that prevent me from receiving them?
Am I willing to give these gifts freely in return?
Do I expect anything in return?  From others?  From God?

In order to become at-one with God I must learn to be like God – generous, kind, compassionate, open, forgiving, passionate, imaginative, desirous and be willing to love unconditionally – everyone (not just my favourite people).  It is these God-like qualities that make us beautiful. 

I am slowly learning that I must play my part in this process – I must be willing to TRUST DESIRE REFLECT SERVE SURRENDER SOFTEN and live with PASSION in order to access the gifts from God.

I must work to wash away the mud that has been flung at my soul from my environment from the moment of incarnation onwards in order to see the precious gem that lies hidden within. 

With God’s help all things are possible. With God’s help every little flicker of light can become a beacon of love and hope.

He is holding my heart in His hands.

Do I trust this?

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