Saturday, 19 November 2011

A Letter from God

I have been away for the past 18days camping on my own.  This was for me an exercise in stepping more fully into self-responsibility and God-reliance and challenging the huge addiction that I had to being rescued. It was an interesting experience and brough up much stuff for me, both exposing some of the errors in my soul and rekindling an amazement and wonder at all of God's creation.  Over the next few days or weeks I will post more of what I learn't on this trip but today I would like to share some things I learn on the trip and also an exercise I did with the Prayer for Divine Love while away (Thanks to Anna for suggesting this exercise).  I suggest that you do the same, use the Prayer as a guide to write a letter to you from God.

Things I learnt from 18 days camping on my own
With God anything is possible
I can survive on my own if I have to
I CAN trust God
When I stay connected to my body though physical activity/exercise I connect to my real (emotional) self (soul) and my guides more easily
I am never alone even if sometimes I feel lonely
ALL of God’s creation is truly amazing (I knew this but good to have it reaffirmed)
It is OK to lean on somebody for support, especially if that someone is God
It is OK to be gentle with myself, God doesn’t expect me to be perfect in an instant, He is infinitely patient and I am allowed to be patient with myself too.  Eternity is a VERY long time.
When I hold on to anger/fear/rage I am more likely to be attacked by annoying insects but when I release fear/anger/rage lovingly insects are kinder to me.
Truth when coupled with love is a gift
My body works best on a predominately raw diet.

A letter from God

My dearest child, I am your Father who loves you and through this love I have created all that is for your enjoyment and contemplation.  You are My child, the greatest of all of My creations and My Love for you knows no bounds.  My soul sings with joy at your triumphs and I am delighted when you turn to Me in your anguish.

My child, how I wish you could understand how great My Love is for you and how much I desire for you to grow in love and become at-one with Me, free of error and ever-growing in love and truth, respecting all of My creation and understanding the intricacies of its purpose.

I long for you to understand that My Love is waiting for you and that you simply have to open your soul to Truth so that the errors might leave you and My Holy Spirit may then fill your soul with My Love in such great abundance that your soul will be truly transformed into the very essence of Myself.  And with each step of this transformation your faith will continue to grow until you realize that you are My child, filled with love and compassion for yourself and for each and every one of your brothers and sisters and all of My creation.

I want you to understand that I am your Father and you are My child and that My Love for you is such that I will give to you everything that you need for a life filled with love and bliss. But you need to want these things from Me with all sincerity and know that I can not and will not provide these gifts unless you choose to receive them through truth and love.

Please know dear child that I am here always and I wait for you to awaken your desire for Me and to come to Me in earnestness and with faith that I will provide for you everything that you need.

I watch over you every moment of every day and you are always in My Heart, even when you stray and forget that I am there, yet still I am with you.  I have sent you angels to guide you, but you must learn to listen to them with your heart and soul and they will help to keep you safe from those who may choose to try to harm or control you and try to steer you away from Me through the temptations of the flesh which will weaken you.

My love knows no bounds and as your beloved Father I want to bestow My Love upon you in great abundance.  Know that I wait for you and I long to take you fully into My loving arms where you may rest your weary soul.

You are safe with Me and can trust in My Love.

Come my child, come home to where love and joy and bliss await you for I am your Father and I wait for you. My soul is bursting with love for you.  Come home to Me and rest where you belong.

Your loving Father.


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