Friday, 16 December 2011

Resistance and Change

The last couple of days I have been travelling, praying and feeling into some emotions that are coming up for me.  At the moment I am recognizing just how much resistance I have in me to unlocking the truth of the errors in my soul.  I am also recognizing that the desire that I thought I had for God and truth is really very small and I feel like a failure at the moment - like nothing I do will ever be good enough.  Yesterday on my way home from Uralla (having been to a talk at Kyabra the previous night) I stopped at Giroween National Park near Stanthorpe in Qld.  It was here as I sat and watched the water flowing over the huge granite boulders, some of which have worn away creating cracks and crevices in the river bed, that I received the following message.  I am sharing it here with the understanding that I do not consider myself to be a medium and am still very uncertain of the accuracy of these messages.  Please recognize that this, and any other such messages that I post here are received through the filters of my own errors and may not be 100% accurate.  I encourage you to feel into the messages and make your own assesments of the level of truth contained therein.

Received 15th December at Giraween National Park. Qld

Have you ever considered how a free flowing stream will eventually wear away even the toughest rocks?  So it is with God’s Love. When you allow God’s Love to wash over you soul He will wear away the resistance of even the most hardened heart.

Allow God’s Love to continually wash over you.  Pray for His Love to enter your soul and eventually all of your resistances will crumble and wash away, just as the toughest granite will eventually wear down to mere grains of sand as the gentle stream washes over it, until it is completely broken down and the landscape is made anew.

God’s creation is all around you.  Observe it.  Learn from it.  For surely that which He does for the lowliest of His creations He will do for you, the greatest of His creation and even greater things.

Learn to bend and adapt just as nature does.

Do not offer resistance to change for change is an integral part of God’s landscape and that includes you and all of His children.

Learn to trust this for you will need to be able to rest in the certainty of this truth in the coming months and years.

With love


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