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Emotional Processing and Finding your Soulmate.

A friend recently asked me to send her the four key indicators that I use when processing emotions to check if I are in truth and processing my own stuff.  These are the points that my guides have given me and I have found them to be extremely helpful and 100% accurate 100% of the time. I thought they might also be helpful to you in your own emotional work and progress towards God.
  1.  Deep diaphragmatic breathing.  I have found when I do this, if it is my emotion the deep breathing will take me deeper into the emotion.  If it doesn't then I am either crying about the effects or I am being used by spirits.  Either way I stop processing and pray to God about the blocks to fully feeling the emotion.  If I am being truly humble I am able to connect again to the real emotion, if not I just stop the processing and do something else.  But I continue to pray about the blocks until I am able to really get into the emotion at a later time.
  2. Flow.  by this I mean that the emotion flows freely.  I don’t have to think about it and there is a lot of tears and a lot of snot – I use a lot of tissues/hankies etc.  The grief is heart wrenching and deep.
  3. Truth. If I am truly in a causal emotion I will always receive new realizations about my life and will often receive insights into what the causal emotion is. If I am being truly humble and open to God’s truth and love this is ALWAYS the case.  If it isn't then I am most likely crying about effects and I pray about the blocks to truth.
  4. The fourth indicator is Love – Divine Love. If I am getting to a causal emotion it is because the above three indicators are in play and I will always receive Love in this process.  Sometimes it is only a small amount – most times it will be very overwhelming.  I have found that this is usually determined by the level of resistance that I have to knowing the truth. If it is only a small amount I continually pray to overcome the resistance that I have to feeling the whole truth and ask God to teach me to be truly humble.  I always pray to God to help me to stay with the emotion until it is complete.
The first three indicators need to be in play before the fourth one can be felt and I have found that sincere, heartfelt prayer is always helpful.

My friend also asked my assistance with working her way through the emotions which block our knowledge of who our soulmate is. 

About twelve months ago (maybe a little more) I went through this process.  It took over twelve months of sincere longing and prayer. And it took a LOT of courage. But the sense of relief when I finally came to see God's truth was overwhelming.  Knowing this truth now does not necessarily make my relationship with my soulmate any easier.  In fact, sometimes it makes it harder because he does not yet want to know this truth for himself (even though we live together). And he does not yet want to engage in a true soulmate relationship (there are still many addictions at play in our relationship which I am slowly attempting to address). 
This is what I have found to be true while working through my soulmate emotions. 

You will not be able to access God’s truth while ever you try to work out who your soulmate is in your head.  It must be a soul-based feeling. 

Forget about the things that you see that you and the person you think might be your soulmate have in common, especially the intellectual stuff.  The key is to feel what your true soul desires are.  There will be something that you and your soulmate have in common that will link you together. 

It will be a deep core desire, the reason why God created your complete soul. It will be what makes your soul unique.

Keep in mind that one or both of you may not yet have activated this part of your soul so it will not be at all helpful to reason it out – you must FEEL this truth.  For me, this process brought up a LOT of fear about stepping into my true soul’s desires and it has, and continues to bring up a lot of unworthiness whenever I am brave enough to activate even a small portion of this desire.  I am learning that unworthiness is what prevents the activation of the core soul desires and this must be worked through before you can step into these desires.
When you are feeling into who your soulmate might be it will be extremely helpful if you could focus on a few key indicators for each person you think could potentially be your soulmate.
  1. Who is the person really – what does the real them feel like? (don’t focus on intellectual stuff – try to feel the soul of the person – the real them).  I found it extremely helpful to pray to God about this often until I got the answer.
  2. Does this person feel like me? In other words, how does this person fit with me? Do they compliment me?
Try to let go of any preconceived ideas you might have about who your soulmate is and ask God to help you feel the truth.  If you do this with a sincere heart all the way through the process you will get the answer.  But you have to be prepared for it to be totally unexpected and be willing to go through the process in faith and without judgement.

Be prepared to receive a LOT of spirit interference throughout this process.

There are groups of spirits in the spirit world who do not want us to find our soulmates. This is possibly because they don't believe in soulmates or they believe that they do not have a soulmate so are jealous of the soulmate relationship.  When I was working through this process I found that the closer I became to being sure of who my soulmate is, the more interference I received.  Because I was (and still am) carrying a LOT of unworthiness about being loved by my soulmate it was easy for malevolent spirits to influence me.  This made the process much harder and it required a lot of faith, perseverance and trust in God and in myself.  

At these times, when I felt under a lot of spirit attack, I would often stop and talk to the spirits with me about soulmates and how God had designed each and every soul to have a soulmate who was the perfect other half of them.  And I would encourage them to seek their soulmate and reassure them that they too were deserving of this kind of love. I would always ask for celestial assistance, both for myself and for the spirits with me. I found that this helped both me and the spirits with me.

Throughout this process I had to learn to trust my own feelings.  

I had to learn to feel myself.

Eventually, with God's assistance, I got to the point where knowing the truth about my soulmate became the most important thing to me.  I felt that if I truly loved my husband (who I believed was my soulmate) I owed it to him to know the truth.  The absolute truth. 

I found this process confusing, challenging, confronting, frightening and at times terrifying. 

I had to become determined, humble, trusting, loving.

I had to let go of doubt and unworthiness.

I had to have FAITH.

As difficult as this process was, it has been the most rewarding part of my journey towards God and Love so far.

I wish you well on your journey towards God, Love and your soulmate.

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