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Gentle is the Language of God

Gentle is the Language of God

Last month I found that I was in a lot of resistance to feeling God's Truth about anything.  I could feel this resistance in my body, in the way my body was operating – lots more stiffness, constipation and general blocks within my body.  When I get like this I pray constantly to overcome the resistance that I have to feeling the blocks. Sometimes I am able to break through the resistance easily and soften into the emotions.

Not this time!  This time the resistance was HUGE!

I was fortunate enough to secure an appointment with an old friend who is a Kinesologist. Daniel was able to help me break through some of this resistance in a very loving way.  During the session he received a message – Gentle is the Language of God. My guides confirmed this. 

I prayed about this a lot and felt into the truth of it.  Resistance began to crumble and in less than 24 hours I was able to break through the resistance and step into humility and I received many realizations over a four or five hour period, which I feel came from my guide - Peter. I would like to share these with you here.

I have included my own comments or thoughts in brackets and in italics. 

This was received on the 16th of April 2014


(My prayer was - how do I break through this resistance – what do I need to do?)

HUMILITY is the key – if I am I being truly humble I will …
Ø  TRUST.  If I trust I will …
Ø  ACT. (this was what I was avoiding – taking action, I didn't want to feel my anger!). When I act in harmony with Love I receive…
Ø  TRUTH. When Truth is allowed to permeate with my soul I receive …
Ø  LOVE. It is Love that will change my soul by healing my errors and bringing peace.

Gentle is the Language of God.

(How can I gently sink into Humility whilst honouring my soul?)

      RESISTANCE blocks the flow of truth and allows …
Ø  FEAR to control.  Do I want to be controlled?  Why?  Why not? FEAR leads to …
Ø  AVOIDANCE of my real self.  Do I really want to know the real me?  AVOIDANCE  leads to …
Ø  PAIN – physical, emotional and psychological. In this space I am NOT being gentle with myself.  Why do I want to hold onto pain?  PAIN in turn leads to …
Ø  FEAR which leads to …
Ø  RESISTANCE which blocks the flow of truth and love.  It is a cycle which, if allowed, will repeat itself until I allow…

It takes HUMILITY + TRUST + ACTION to break down the brick wall of RESISTANCE.

When the brick wall begins to crumble more light will come in.


Gentle is the Language of God.

HUMILITY = TRUST and will lead to ACTION



LOVE feeds itself.  LOVE is the only food that Love needs.

Gentle is the Language of God

Learn to step into Humility GENTLY
Learn to Trust GENTLY.
Take Action GENTLY.
Truth will always flow GENTLY.
Love will always heal GENTLY.

Gentle is the key to progress.  Learn to

LOVE yourself gently.
SPEAK about yourself (internally) and others gently.
WALK in the world gently.
EAT gently – choose only loving foods.
INTERACT with yourself, others and God gently.


If what you are doing does not FEEL gentle it is out of harmony with Love.


Gentle is the Language of God

Resistance is NOT gentle – resistance is hard and harsh. Let go of resistance and soften into feeling the fear that lies beneath it.

Fear I s NOT gentle.  Fear destroys. Step into fear so that it might be released. Holding onto fear creates pain and discomfort.

Anger is NOT gentle. Holding onto anger is destructive.  Anger is begging to be released.  Just like fire, anger, when released in a loving way, can be helpful. But when we hold onto anger it is like a wildfire that is totally out of control and very destructive.  Release the anger so it can be harnessed into something positive.

Gentle is the Language of God

If we want to communicate with God we must learn to be gentle in every aspect of our lives 100% of the time.

Gentle is the Language of God.

Gentle = Love
Gentle = Soft
Gentle = Trust
Gentle = Humility
Gentle = Truth.

Gentle is the Language of God.

When I allow fear to control I am avoiding personal responsibility.  I am allowing others to direct my life so that I do not have to make decisions for myself.

I want others to make decisions for me because in the past I got into severe trouble for making my own decisions - for following my desires. I go into trouble for making my own decisions because my decisions created fear in others.

They did not want to feel their fear.  They did not want to be humble. They did not want to trust God.  Instead, they punished me for following my desires.  They punished me for making decisions. They punished me for being the real me.

They did not want to feel their fear so instead, they instilled fear in me.  And they have used fear to control me most of my life!


Because of this, I have not yet lived the life that my soul truly desires.

Am I going to allow this to continue?

The ONLY way to change this is to step into HUMILITY and TRUST that God is holding me in this space and I must TAKE ACTION to feel and release Anger and Fear and allow God's TRUTH and LOVE to heal my broken soul.

I must be HUMBLE enough to TRUST and ACT before TRUTH and LOVE can heal.

Gentle is the Language of God.

Love's only food is Love and Love has a voracious appetite.


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