Wednesday, 28 October 2015


It is interesting isn't how the same messages are often relevant time and time again.  Take this message on Authenticity from my guide Peter - I received this in November 2014, almost a year ago and yet its potency still resonates with my soul.

I am still struggling to grasp what that truly means but I feel that I am getting stronger and braver in stepping into my own authenticity regardless of the perceived cost.  I am slowly finding the courage to use my voice and stand firm for truth and love.  It is not easy.

Recently I have been having a conversation with my family that has been difficult for us all, but I am learning to remain true to my authentic self and not modify myself in order to please.

Oh how I wish I could just go back to pleasing everyone - but I can't - the price is too high.  It is time to start loving my authentic self.

Challenging the status quo is difficult, challenging, confronting and triggering. But I am ever so grateful for these reminders from my guides and others who have walked this path before me that true happiness comes through Authenticity. It has been my willingness to sacrifice my authentic self that has resulted in dis-ease within my body.  Now it is time to reclaim my authenticity and learn to love me in the process.

I hope you find this message helpful.




4th November 2014


True freedom comes through authenticity. If you cannot be your authentic self at all times then you are not free.  You are tied to the constraints of wanting/needing to please others in order to gain their approval and love. And in that space you are not being true to yourself, and your soul cries.  Your soul, your true self, craves authenticity and will do anything in its power to bring you back to authenticity.

When you sacrifice your authenticity you create a fertile ground for dis-ease and pain, and suffering WILL result.  There is no escaping this. It is a universal Law. God wants us to be our authentic selves.  There is power and beauty in authenticity but it is a subtle kind of power, a gentle beauty that the world does not yet understand.  In fact, the world is afraid of authenticity and the power and beauty that goes with it; because to embrace authenticity is to embrace difference and the world has been fighting for conformity and predictability for millenia.

The world is afraid of difference because difference means uncertainty.  Difference means that there is potential for chaos and chaos incites fear. But we are afraid of chaos only because we have not yet learnt to embrace authenticity.  Being your authentic self requires courage and commitment but brings freedom and joy.  The world does not yet understand this and so it clings to conformity and predictability out of fear.

There is a small but growing number of people on the planet who are awakening to the importance and potentiality of authenticity.  Being your authentic self requires commitment and the courage to swim against the current in the stream of life.  Once you begin to experience the freedom of authenticity you stop struggling and embrace the potentiality of a life much greater than you had previously experienced or even imagined, because true freedom comes through authenticity. And being authentic means recognizing every aspect of yourself no matter how ugly, dark or painful that might be.  Being authentic means being able to freely express yourself regardless of what you are feeling in any given moment.

Authenticity requires us to face the truth of our existence and to own up to the faults and flaws in our souls.  In a world that values conformity and predictability, authenticity is challenging because authenticity means having the courage to question everything and to feel the Truth for yourself.  Authenticity does not seek approval or guidance.  Authenticity seeks Truth, Love, Joy and Humility.

True freedom can only be achieved through authenticity.


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