Tuesday, 17 May 2011


We have just returned from a week at Airlie Beach in North Queensland where the weather was warm and the sea clear and where, for a week, my soul sang for joy. It was a magical week that rekindled the love in our relationship and allowed our bodies and souls to rest and recharge and it highlighted a deep appreciation for all that God has given to us. It also brought up many emotions for me which I have yet to work through, but right now I want to express my gratitude to God for all of His wonderful gifts.

Dear God,

Your Love surrounds me in every moment of my life. Waiting for me to acknowledge Your presence and invite Your Love into my soul. But I often find myself caught in the earthly trap of doubt and fear. Then, somewhere from within my soul a chord is struck, an awakening begins and I am reminded of Your Great Love which is waiting for me and for each and all of us. Waiting for us to simply ask You for Your Love and Blessings in our lives, stirring my soul to recognize Your presence in my daily life.

I want to let You now that I am very grateful for Your Love and for Your guidance in my life. For the beautiful teachers You have sent me. I know that for the most part I appear to be stuck in my doubt and pain (and I am) but then, when I have the courage to surrender to Your Will, I uncover a side of me that I had forgotten existed, that I had buried, and I am always very, very grateful for Your patience, understanding and most of all for Your Love.

Forgive me for my human frailties and confusion. Help me to continue to open my soul more and more fully unto You. Please, give me the courage and willingness to face each and every dark corner within my soul so that Your Love can heal and cleanse me, so that I may have the courage to step fully into my soul’s true and deepest desires and in so doing be of service to You and to all of my brothers and sisters both here on earth and in the spirit world.

Teach me to love.



How can I express to You
The gratitude that I feel
For Your constant Love and support …
Before You I kneel

How can I express to You
My deep gratitude
For staying with me
In my hour of need
For making my soul new?

How can I express to You
The love that I feel?
My heart is overflowing
And it is all because of You

You wait patiently for me
To have the courage to feel
You sing joyfully
When I surrender to Your will

You watch over me
You guide me
Waiting patiently for me to understand
That there is no greater Love
Ever bestowed upon man

How can I express to You
The gratitude that I feel?
What do I have to give You
That would ever begin to express
My thankfulness and love
For Your unending kindness?

I have only myself to offer
A sad and wilting flower
But I know that with Your love
My soul has endless power

I give You all that I am
All that I might become
For You alone
Are my source of joy, of love
My source of eternal blossom.

Linda Munster

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