Sunday, 22 January 2012

God’s voice calls me

This was written a little while ago but is just as relevant for me today as it was then.  Not one of my best peoms technically but still very powerful for me.  I am as grateful as always for the assistanc I receive when writing. I hope this is of some use to you as well.

God’s voice calls me

God’s voice calls softly to me
Gently encouraging me to feel the truth
To see the walls that I have built
So carefully around my heart

God’s voice calls gently to me
Reminding me that He is there
Reminding me that only I am trapped
Behind the wall around my heart

Tenderly He guides me
Patiently He waits
As I stumble and fumble
To find my way

But I feel afraid and alone
Not wanting to face the truth
That I alone constructed this wall
When I refused to let love in

I alone made the decision
That love was too painful
And to be avoided at all costs
I alone shut love out.

It is not that I am unlovable
Rather that I don’t want to be loved
For in my limited experiences
“Love” means pain

And so to avoid the pain that love brings
I built a wall to keep love out
To keep my heart safe
From the lies and abuse that imperfect love brings

But now behind my wall I hide
Alone and afraid and wondering why
Why does no one love me?
What have I done wrong?

Then God’s voice gently calls me
Supporting me to see the truth
That the child She created
Is beautiful and deserving of love

If only she would tear the wall down
And let in love
For she alone creates her pain
She alone blocks love out.

Open my heart and soul I pray
That my soul may learn to love one day
Open my heart and soul I pray
That Your Love may transform my pain.

Give me courage, give me strength
Teach me to love again.

Linda Munster

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