Monday, 2 January 2012

A Prayer to God my Father

Recently I have been concentrating on developing my relationship with God and prayig for an increased longing for Truth and Love.  This version of the prayer for Divine Love came to me during one such longing to God.  I recommend that you write your own prayer based on the prayer for Divine Love as given to James Padgett in the early 1900s.
with love

A Prayer to God my Father

Loving Father help me to always feel Your Love
and to know that I am truly Your child.

Forgive me my errors and help me to find the courage
and the willingness to feel the truth.

Give me the courage to let go of my errors
so that Your Truth and Love might fill my soul.

And with Your Love will come a faith
that allows me to know and understand that I am truly Your child
and that Your Love is waiting for me to transform my soul
and lift it higher and higher towards Your great Being.

Teach me to trust in Your Laws and to let go of my fears
so that I might surrender to Your Truth and Your Love.

Protect me from the unloving influences of darker spirits
and soften my soul with ever increasing compassion and love.

Help me to always remember that Your Love is waiting for me
and for all of Your children
and that I only have to ask with earnestness and sincerity
and Your help and guidance will be with me always.

Father I thank You for loving me
and for always being there to help, support and guide me.

Open my heart and soul in gratitude and trust in Your Love
so that I may better learn how to serve You in love and truth.

You alone are my true Father and I give myself to You
in deep gratitude and will all the love I am capable of giving now and always.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this Lin - much appreciated , Bob