Friday, 22 June 2012

Eternal Benefits of a Relationship with God

I was reading Mary’s Blog recently and in it she asked us to consider the Eternal Benefits of a Relationship with God and this really struck a chord with me.  Why had I not considered this before?  I know that the real me is my soul, the feminine expression of our complete soul.  I know that life continues after the shedding of the physical body and it is then that our real and potentially eternal journey begins. I know that God is t he Great Over Soul of the Universe and the only way to connect with Her is on a soul to Soul basis.  So why then had it not occurred to me to consider the Eternal benefits of a relationship with God before?

This is very timely for me to reflect upon as I have recently been talking to my children (now grown) about this journey I am on and my developing relationship with God, the most important relationship in my life.  It is confronting for them to hear me say this as, like so many others, they see my relationship with their father, my husband and my soulmate, as the most important relationship in my life and I have not yet found the right way to explain this relationship I have with God and why it is so important. And now that Mary has raised it I can see that the Eternal benefits of a relationship with God is really the key isn’t it?

With God I am always safe. He will guide me and show me the best way forward and will never tire of my questions nor get impatient with me when I don’t ‘get it’ or need to be shown several different ways before I truly understand.

Anything I want to know He can teach me, from the most basic questions about myself to the most complex questions about life, the universe, the soul and His qualities and attributes and He will never get impatient with me or judge me for asking ‘silly’ questions.  He will never need to make me feel stupid or inferior in order to make Himself seem superior or smarter.  No Matter how much I think I know there is always more to learn and God is the only Being who knows everything there is to know about anything at all.

I will never be alone even if I can’t see or physically feel anyone else with me I know that God is always there and that He delights in my company and wants to be with me even when I am feeling low or unlovable He will always be there waiting for me to let Him in and allow Him to love me.  And He sends me guides and guardians who I can more easily connect to and who are only too willing to help me and be my friend and they too are always there when I need them.

I will always be loved and as I open my soul more and more to this Love I will KNOW that I am loved and as a result of this great Love in my soul I will want to share my love with each and every one of my brothers and sisters both mortal and spirit.

God will always support me to follow my passions and desires and when these are out of harmony with love He will gently show me this and help me to recognize the truth without judgement or expectation.

He is my greatest cheer leader and my biggest fan and will always support me in everything I do even if those things are out of harmony with love and truth because He honors my free will and He knows that His Laws will gently bring me back into harmony with Love and Truth.

He will always provide for me no matter where I am, all I have to do is ask with love, humility and sincerity and it will be given to me and if at times my prayers seem not to be answered I know that it is because I am out of harmony with Love and Truth and God’s Laws will show me this as long as I am willing to see the truth.

With God Life and Love are an eternal progression, I will never stagnate or be bored, there will always be new things to learn about myself, about Love and Truth and about the Universe.  With God life is exciting.

A relationship with God brings me great joy and as I grow in Love and Truth the level of joy I feel in my life grows until eventually I will experience a life of total bliss in every moment.  Imagine it!  Every minute of every day filled with Bliss and joy – who wouldn’t want that?

When I make God a central part of my life I can also progress in love towards my soulmate and eventually come to know my complete soul, my true self, then life really gets interesting (or so I have been told!)

I am sure there are many more benefits to an Eternal Relationship with God but for now this is all I can come up with.  Even so, it provides some pretty awesome reasons to want to have an Eternal Relationship with our Heavenly Parent don’t you think? 

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