Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Soul Longings

Soul Longings

When I open my heart then I can see
The soul of the person looking back at me
The pain that is hidden behind their eyes
And covered over by so many lies.
What hidden truths do they avoid
In order to somehow fill the void
Created by anger, fear and pride
And all the hurt they carry inside?
Do I really want to know their soul,
To share their pain, their hand to hold?
Or am I too afraid to see
My own pain being reflected back at me?
Open my heart and soul I pray
That I might somehow find the right words to say
Words of comfort, love and truth
That will enable each one to revisit their youth
To find the secrets hidden there
And have the courage their souls to bare.
For it is my soul you need to know
Then together into the unknown we can go
For only my soul can reveal
The hidden potential that is real.
Perhaps one day you too will see
The soul of the person looking back at thee
Longing to be known and to be loved
Longing to be with our Father above.
So open my heart and soul I pray
Soften my soul, teach me to play.
Teach me to be humble, teach me to love
So that I might receive blessings from above.

Linda Munster

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