Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Open My Heart and Soul I Pray

This is a poem that I wrote a little while ago but as I re-read it now I realize that it is just as relevant now as I struggle to face the truth of the errors in my soul which prevent God's Love from entering me. I hope it helps.

Open my heart and soul I pray

Feeling angry, feeling sad
Feeling as though my whole life
I have been bad

Feeling lonely, feeling confused
Hating feeling that through my life
I have been abused

Feeling lost, feeling afraid
Not wanting to visit these places
Where my darkest secrets have been laid

Longing for guidance, longing for love
Will anyone answer my call
From Heaven above?

Pain in my body showing me truth
Resisting the messages of love
Preferring to remain aloof

Will I ever learn to let go and trust
That God’s ways are perfect
And surrender I must?

Open my heart and soul I pray
Help me face those hidden truths
That rack my soul
And keep Your Love at bay.

Open my heart and soul I pray
Give me courage to face the truth
Open my heart and my soul I pray
Teach me to surrender to Your way

Linda Munster

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