Friday, 18 January 2013

Love is all that matters

I knew it had been a while since I had last posted anything but FOUR MONTHS!!!  That's rediculous!!  so here is my new year's resolution - TAKE ACTION!!  So many things have come to me over that time and for whatever reason - fear - unworthiness - I have not posted my thoughts, fears, challenges, reflections.  So I'll start afresh now with this post.  It's short but confronting on many levels.

Something that came to me recently - very challenging to consider.

In Cahos theory the butterfly effect suggests that everything in the universe is connected in very sensitive ways.  This being the case I realized that when I hold on to my anger and fear I am contributing to every conflict, war or violent crime anywhere in the world.  The only way to heal the world is through LOVE and Love and anger can not co-exist.  Love and fear can not co-exist.  In order to heal the world I need to heal my soul.  I need to release all of my anger and rage and I need to confront my fear. Crap!! it was so much easier to cruise along before I had this realization and continue denying my anger and fear.  Time to step up a notch.  If only I could really believe that fear is my friend! Getting better with anger though so that's a start. Note to self - remember this - LOVE is the most powerful force in the universe.  Love is all that really matters.

So the challenge this year is to TAKE ACTION on every level - confront my fear - release my anger and rage - engage my desires.  It's time to stop pretending don't you think?



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