Friday, 25 March 2011

God is my Shining Light

Right now I need to visit this place but for some reason that I am not yet willing to face I am unable to go there at present but I remember that God IS my shining light and I pray for the courage and willingness to go there soon


God is My Shining Light

There is a place that I go to
Sometimes when I am feeling brave
It is vast and dark and scary
And many mysteries are buried in this cave

I can see a tiny light
Deep within its core
And it draws me deeper inwards
Searching for its source

But there are many twists and turns
Within this deep dark place
And sometimes I feel so lost and alone
As I cautiously and timidly explore

Sometimes it feels too scary
To continue on any further
And I quietly pull myself back
For fear of being swallowed there

But that tiny light deep within its centre
Keeps beckoning me in
And it sometimes seems so beautiful
I find myself going boldly there

And when I face the deep darkness
And have the courage to get past the cracks
I am rewarded with a beauty and peacefulness
That is so bright and full of tenderness

For it is You waiting there for me
Your loving presence beckoning me in
It is Your light that shines so brightly
Washing over me therein

For You are the centre of my world
My only guiding light
And when I have the courage to face the darkness
Your love makes it seem alright.

Linda Munster

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